$24.99 - Genaray SL-57 Dimmable LED On-Camera Light

From: AlphaTrio29 Dec 2019 08:25
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$24.99 - Genaray SL-57 Dimmable LED On-Camera Light
Regular price $99.99
Battery not included


Key Features
  • 5600K Daylight Color Temperature
  • Flicker-Free 0-100% Dimming
  • Accepts L-Series Batteries
  • Separate On/Off Switch
The Genaray SL-57 Dimmable LED On-Camera Light is a lightweight lighting solution that you can quickly set up to light your shot. A diffuser and shoe mount are integrated into the fixture, so you don't have to fumble around in your bag for extra parts. The 48 LEDs inside the fixture are daylight-balanced at 5600K, and dimmable from 0-100% using the dial on...
The SL-57 accepts widely available L-series rechargeable batteries.

Mình có cái nầy. Giá $25 thì mua được. Light khá to & borderless. Nếu muốn light softer thì phải dán thêm difuser gel.
From: Lovecisco29 Dec 2019 11:05
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hôm trước có mua 1 cái ở camera show (uesed  có $5.00) xà AA batterry
From: AlphaTrio29 Dec 2019 11:15
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AA thì gọn nhưng không chịu nổi all day gig nên thường thủ loại built-in rechargeable & Sony NP-F batteries.