$7.99 - Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie Cap

From: AlphaTrio30 Dec 2019 18:33
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$7.99 - Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie Cap

  • One Size fits all, Unisex Knitted Hat with 8 Built In and Removable Rechargeable LED Light, it can light the distance up to 30 feet away
  • Easy to Charge - Offer a standard USB port for charging battery, you can charge it in car charger, computer or portable power bank, NO BATTERIES TO REPLACE! Say goodbye to your batteries
  • Easy 1 button controls LED lights - 1 White Light + 1 Red and Blue Flashlight
  • Compact size, light weight; Arrives Ready To Go, Just Switch It On And Put Away Your FlashLight
  • Long lasting 8 LEDs with 120 lumens of light - Last Up To 4 Hours Of Continuous Use Or 68 Hours Of Realistic Intermittent Use
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Pretty thick beanie. Has 200mAh rechargeable battery. Plug directly to USB port.
120 lumens not very bright but good enough within 7 ft.
Happy wt this so far.
From: Hồ Răng Ham (HRH)30 Dec 2019 19:14
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Đội mấy cái này có khi nào bị nổ không vậy anh? Thấy ghê quá
From: AlphaTrio30 Dec 2019 20:05
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 (dontknow) Removable LED pod construction thấy OK. 

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