$40.49 - Anker 65W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger Adapter

From: AlphaTrio 3 Jan 08:16
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$40.49 - USB C Charger, Anker 65W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 & GaN Fast Charger Adapter, PowerPort Atom III Slim Wall Charger with a 45W USB C Port, for MacBook, USB C Laptops, iPad Pro, iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel and More
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From: aha 6 Jan 18:18
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có ai mua và nhận được hàng chưa? amazon refund lại tiền vì charger damaged khi ship tới warehouse, họ không có replace mà là refund!!!

order lại, code vẫng còn good
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From: Cnsphng 6 Jan 18:32
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nhan duoc 2 cai dang test mot all day so far so good. 
From: AlphaTrio 7 Jan 01:33
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Hàng works fine.
Charge Surface Pro (1st Gen) via USB-C (using USB-C to MS Surface magnetic plug cable) & 1-USB-to-4-device charging cable.
Also works to power Surface Pro while using.