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From: Viethai24 Aug 04:57
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She [Kamala] happens to be in Asia for me right now, but that's why we have a female Vice President of the United States of America, who's gonna be, we're gonna have some presidents pretty soon."


From: Viethai24 Aug 05:03
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Tuýt of the day
“ WTF is he trying to say?
Is he saying that we need a female vice president so that she can give birth to some more baby presidents?“
From: Hồ Răng Ham (HRH)24 Aug 06:41
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Cái comment vui thiệt kkkkk
From: TiVi24 Aug 06:58
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Đọc thêm comments, hình như cái title có gì đó .... mỉa mai hơi nhạy cảm nha

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