Computer system for small business

From: xdle16 Jan 14:30
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Mình cần 2 computer system dual monitor và một cái printer cho small bussiness. 

ACE em nào có biết loai nào ngon bổ rẻ chỉ giùm,  :-)

Thank You!

From: TiVi16 Jan 17:57
To: xdle 2 of 4
Dell rẻ đẹp bền .
From: TiVi16 Jan 18:00
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Dell Refurbished is currently taking 40% off any refurbished item with coupon code MLK2022DEAL [Exp 1/18 at 7AM PT]. Shipping is free with the same code. Excludes clearance items

From: xdle17 Jan 11:41
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À quên vụ Dell này, lúc trước hay mua của nó.

Thank You!!!