Free Tennis channel (T2) for Samsung TV

From: Onetnns20 Jun 13:53
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Hello ACE, 

OT mới thấy TV Samsung của mình có đài T2 chiếu live tennis TV nên post lên đây cho ACE nào có TV, Smart phone, tablet của Samsung thì vô channel 1154 để coi không mất tiền.

Enter T2, which looks and feels different than Tennis Channel (because it was designed to be), and is accessed in a different way (on Samsung TV Plus, and on Samsung smart TV’s, mobile phones and tablets). But the biggest distinction of all may be the most important: It’s completely free.

T2 is Tennis Channel’s first free ad-supported TV (FAST) offering in the United States. If you own a Samsung device that carries Samsung TV Plus, you get T2 at no cost.